örjan wirdheim



Plotagon is an app for PC, Mac, iOS and Android that allows you to create animated videos based on a written manuscript with no prior experience of animation. You create your characters, put them in a scene and give them expressions as well as written dialogue that either is played back using text-to-speak or your own recorded voice.

I started working at Plotagon as a Graphic Designer and Front-end developer, and as time went by and we expanded the business I moved on to become Art Director and working mainly with coming up with our “visual universe”. With a background in both graphics and development I’ve been able to create solutions that work in harmony with our visual universe as well as solutions on how to implement content and features in the simplest, fastest manner.

During the last year I’ve also taken on the role as Product Manager. Acting as a proxy between sales/marketing and development I have made sure that we have relevant roadmaps so that we can all strive towards a common goal.


Our four main apps: Plotagon Story, Plotagon Education, Plotagon Moji and Plotagon Business

The main UI from our Plotagon apps

The main UI for Plotagon Moji, our animated GIF app

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